Sunday, November 20, 2016

An Open Letter to President Obama

Dear Mr President,
I realize your time left in office is dwindling and it hurts my heart to think about you leaving. You have touched the lives of millions of Americans, including me. I was nine when you were first elected in 2008, and even though I didn't understand much about politics, I cheered when you won. It was exciting for me as young girl interested in social studies and the Civil Rights Movement to see a black president for the first time.
When you were up for re-election in 2012 I was in the seventh grade and had a bit more of a grasp on politics. My own opinions began to develop and I admired you even more. I cannot bear the thought of you leaving office in just two months. You have certainly become one of my role models, as well as your incredible wife, Michelle.
To be truthful, I am terrified of what is to come when you turn the presidency over to Donald Trump. Sobs shook my body the night that fear-mongering monster became the president-elect.
President Obama, I will miss the strong, graceful, kind first family that was yours. The physical ache I feel imagining an America without you at the helm is indescribable. It is impossible to forget the way you supported and built up your spectacular daughters every chance you had. Your ability to keep your composure in the face of terror and tragedy was inspirational to me. When we were in fear, cowering, and turning on one another, you encouraged us to join together instead of creating distance and divide.
In your eight years, you have clearly shown the American people you care, and I could not be more grateful. Thank you for all of the hard work you have done and that you will continue to do.

Kalliope Bessler


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November Playlist: End of the Day Dance Party

Everyone needs time to unwind and let go after a long day so I made this playlist for doing just that! Crank up the volume and bust a move! Enjoy my mix of upbeat dance songs, happy November.

End of the Day Dance Party

1. Do Better by Say Anything
2. Post To Be (feat. Chris Brown & Jhene Aiko) by Omarion
3. Come On Eileen by Dexys Midnight Runners
4. Rich Girl by Daryl Hall & John Oates
5. One Dance by Drake, Wiz Kid, Kyla
6. Hot Stuff (I Want You Back) by Pussycat Dolls
7. Cheap Thrills by Sia, Sean Paul
8. CAN'T STOP THE FEELING! by Justin Timberlake
9. ...Baby One More Time by Britney Spears
10. Good Summer by Kate Nash
11. BO$$ by Fifth Harmony
12. Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars
13. All In My Head (Flex) by Fifth Harmony, Fetty Wap
14. P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) by Michael Jackson
15. Closer by The Chainsmokers, Halsey

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Going Cruelty-Free

Recently I have seen a lot of lists on social media that show what companies make vegan or cruelty-free makeup and which ones do not. I was pretty disappointed to find that a lot of  the beauty companies I bought from test on animals. So, I decided to make a change. I started by tossing almost all of my non-cruelty-free products (finding a cruelty-free deodorant has been a challenge that I have yet to conquer), and purchasing some new stuff from companies that do not test on animals.
The best thing about going cruelty-free is that there are high end and drugstore brands that are vegan and or cruelty-free so if you make the choice to go cruelty-free like I did, you are bound to find products that fit your budget! 
My reason for going cruelty-free is simple, I do not believe that animals should suffer for the sake of my beauty products. Some people aren't really bothered by animal testing, and it is a personal choice on whether or not you go cruelty-free but if you're feeling skeptical, I say to just go for it. I felt great after getting rid of my animal tested beauty products and I think that others who make the same choice will feel the same. 
You can find some lists from my Pinterest on which companies do and do not test on animals and I will include my own list below as well! A great site that I always consult if I am not sure on whether or not someone tests on animals is

My Favorite Cruelty-Free Brands
My cruelty-free beauty collection

1. Urban Decay
2. ELF
3. NYX
4. Montagne Jeunesse
5. Makeup Revolution
6. Anastasia
7. Bath and Body Works
8. Freeman Beauty
9. The Balm
10. Zoya
11. Eos

Friday, September 30, 2016

20 Books Young Women Should Read

List posts are obnoxious and I am tired of them popping up on my Facebook feed. So that's why I decided to write one of my own! I apologize if you really like list posts, they're not that bad.
 Jokes aside, I wanted to share the twenty books that changed me as a young woman. It is important that young readers have female characters they can relate to as well as good nonfiction pieces about women because there are way way way too many books centered around male heroes and men who changed the world. Men are definitely important to history and literature but I want to highlight the frick frackin' fabulous stories I read about women and I hope that this list post (cringe), encourages you to read some of these stories or venture to find your own favorite stories about ladies! Now, let's get down to it.

1. The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum

The story of Dorothy always fascinated me as kid. I fell in love with it from a young age and The Wizard of Oz played a role in my life in many ways. My favorite fact about this book is that it used to be on the banned books list for having a strong female character! Although it may be viewed as a book more for kids, I recommend it for anyone and everyone.

2. Women, Resistance, and Revolution by Sheila Rowbotham

My final project in my freshman honors U.S. History class was centered around feminism (surprising, I know) and I had to read a book so I chose this one given to me by my father. The book is packed full of information about struggling women from the seventeenth century through to the Vietnam War. Women, Resistance, and Revolution is entirely worth the read.

3. Are You There God, It's Me, Margaret by Judy Blume

If I'm remembering it correctly, I was eleven or twelve when I read this Judy Blume classic about a sixth grade girl navigating religion, puberty, romantic feelings, and struggling to voice her dissenting opinion around her friends. Young Judy trying to figure out the changes in herself physically and emotionally really struck a cord with me as I'm sure it did with plenty of other young girls. I certainly view this as a crucial read for middle school girls but I think that even older women will enjoy it as it will make you reflect on your middle school years...You know what, I actually don't think anyone really wants to remember themselves in sixth grade so never mind.

4. Yes Please by Amy Poehler

I was first introduced to Amy Poehler from watching her hit show Parks and Recreation and I immediately knew from watching her hilariously talented acting that I wanted to learn more about her. When I found out she had a book I FREAKED. This book definitely inspired as a young woman pursuing theatre as well as made me laugh and tear up. Learning all about the woman behind SNL characters that make you pee your pants laughing was fascinating. Yes Please reminded me that even in the strongest, funniest women, there lies self-doubt, anxiety, and difficulty. Even if you know nothing about Amy Poehler, check out Yes Please. 

5. Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling

Why Not Me? is the second of Mindy Kaling's books and let me say, reading this in class was tough. I laughed out loud a ton and enjoyed it so much. Kaling provides priceless insight into life and from this book comes one of my all-time favorite quotes, "If someone really wants to see you, they always find a way. Always." I mean, that alone should make you want to read it.

6. Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

In my freshman year, I landed my first lead role and that was as Anne in a play version of Anne of Green Gables. Nearly two years later I still consider that one of my proudest moments. Anne is what I refer to as one of my best friend characters because when I acted as Anne, I learned everything about her, and she knew me inside out. Reading the book I felt even more connected to her feelings and her life. Her reputation as firey and smart motivates me to be more of myself. Anne of Green Gables has a character for every reader to relate to.

7. Divergent by Veronica Roth

I was told about this by my sixth grade English/Language Arts teacher. She saw that I had recently finished reading Fablehaven by Bradon Mull. In a post-apocalyptic world, main character, Beatrice (Tris), feels like an outsider in her faction (groups used to characterize citizens.) Throughout the trilogy, Tris faces intense trials and tribulations with unwavering courage. I'd suggest this series to anyone who enjoys fast-paced, action-packed stories.
-Recommended by my younger sister, Zoya.

8. This Star Won't Go Out by Esther Earl with Lori and Wayne Earl 

If you're not a crier, this story is probably not for you. Or maybe it is because then you won't sob like a small child while reading it. The one word I would use to describe This Star Won't Go Out is incredible. It follows the story of a young girl named Esther Earl who was diagnosed with metastasized papillary thyroid cancer in November of 2006 and passed away four years later at just 16 years old. Esther's story inspired me because through her illness she remained optimistic and continued doing the activities she loved. I read this story just months after losing my grandmother to bladder cancer, which made it a hard read at times because I identified with the feelings her parents write about grappling with, watching their daughter struggle. This Star Won't Go Out is definitely an emotional read but nevertheless, you will not regret reading it. 

9. I Will Plant You A Lilac Tree by Laura Hillman

Honestly, I was not super interested in this book at first. Vocabulary wise, it's an easy read and I was able to tear through two or three chapters in one sitting. But the content is fairly graphic. This is a memoir written by an actual Holocaust survivor. Laura Hillman was transferred between several different concentration camps during the Holocaust and endures extremely dangerous living conditions but manages to live through it. By the end of the book I was moved by Hillman's journey and strong will. 

10. Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

Once on the banned books list for passages where Anne Frank describes intimate feelings and desires, this actual diary of a young woman living in hiding during the Holocaust is emotional and easy to identify with for middle school and high school age girls. I read Anne Frank's diary as a sixth grader and was impressed by how well she dealt with life in secret. Although Anne and almost everyone else she lived with died after they were captured by Nazis, her father, Otto Frank published her journal. The hopeful spirit of Anne Frank lives on through her diary and reading it is an extraordinary experience.

11. A Fighting Chance by Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren is a political warrior and I wish she was my best friend. I was super duper excited when I bought this book and although I haven't finished it yet, I love it a lot. Senator Warren's story is truly compelling. She had dreams she wanted to achieve and it took a lot of courage to reach them but she did. She writes about her failed marriage, her children, and the stress she wrestled with, among other things. The most empowering thing about Senator Warren's book is that she talks so much about her life as a whole, not just the good parts. I look up to Elizabeth Warren and learning about how she worked to accomplish her goals and make change in America is inspiring to me and I think that other women will feel the same.

12. Judy Moody Was In A Mood by Megan McDonald

I'll admit that when I read this series they were probably a little too young for me being almost a seventh grader when they were written more for fifth graders but I enjoyed the crap out of the Judy Moody series. Like many of the other women that the books on this list are about, Judy Moody's character is bouncy, creative, and smart as whip. This is definitely a series for younger girls but even when you're older Judy Moody Was In A Mood and the rest of the Judy Moody books are a fun read.

13, Eleven by Lauren Myracle

I found this book in fourth grade and it reminds me of Are You There God, It's Me, Margaret in a lot of ways. This is the second book in a series called The Winnie Years, it is focused on a young girl named Winnie trying to navigate growing up! If you enjoy Judy Blume, you will love Lauren Myracle too!

14. Luv Ya Bunches by Lauren Myracle

This book is a more unique one centered around a group of young girls who are best friends. A lot of the story is written as though the girls are talking to each other in an IM chat online. The reason Luv Ya Bunches is unique is because the friend group is diverse and I enjoyed it because it felt more realistic than a group of girls who were all white and blonde. Luv Ya Bunches is definitely written more for younger girls but it is adorable and worth the read for women of any age.

15. Deenie by Judy Blume

Another great Judy Blume book is Deenie. Throughout the story, thirteen year old Deenie is faced with two challenges, wearing a back brace for scoliosis and her mother pushing her to become a model after her time in the back brace ends. I think this book is good for young women to read because so many of them will be able to identify with the difficulty of a parent planning their future for them. Of course, between the back brace and mother pushing her into a career she doesn't care for, Deenie still has to learn about crushes. love, sexuality, and friendship. I recommend Judy Blume's Deenie for any young woman who might be struggling with feeling outcast or battling with parents over life choices.

16. The Wedding Planner's Daughter by Coleen Paratore

The first time I read this book, I didn't really read it, I listened to it on CD because my mom found it in the library and said it would be fun to listen to. And I am so glad she did that because I loved it so much and ended up reading the entire series twice. The Wedding Planner's Daughter is a great series to me because I felt so connected with the main character, Willa. She is a book lover and honestly, reading this series made me even more interested in reading than I already was (and that's saying something because I am a huge bookworm.) For young girls looking for a book character who loves to read as much as they do, The Wedding Planner's Daughter is a great choice.

17. Frida by Jonah Winter

My father introduced me to Frida Kahlo when I was just seven years old. He would read me this picture book all the time because her life was inspiring and interesting. I knew that I needed to include this book in my list so I reread it again to give myself a refresher and I enjoyed it just as much as I did in elementary school. The book is fairly short and reading about Frida always motivates me to keep working hard when I feel like giving up. Jonah Winter's Frida is a great tool to teach kids about a woman who had a lasting impact on the art world.

18. Grace's Guide by Grace Helbig

I think I finished this in two days. And I loved every single word and found value in every piece of advice. Grace's Guide gave me advice on moving past the most painful breakup I have ever dealt with, taught me how to handle college, and made me realize that you do not have to do every single job, club, class, and activity that you can cram in. If you are super nervous about growing up, or as the Internet calls it, "adulting", I definitely recommend Grace Helbig's first book.

19. The Crucible by Arthur Miller

This play was part of the curriculum for my sophomore honors English course and I have to admit, I was biased because I am a drama nerd so I loved reading a play in class. But, this play is worth the read even if it's not for school. Based around the hysteria of the Salem Witch Trials, Arthur Miller's play strikes a serious chord with every reader, drawing attention to how lying and finger pointing causes people to turn on each other in an instant. Also, as a feminist, I am really interested in picking apart the underlying sexism of the Witch Trials and looking at how gender roles played a part in the way these young women reacted to the events in Salem. History repeats itself, The Crucible is applicable to modern events as well.

20. The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne

This masterpiece of romantic literature shot up to my top five favorite books as soon as I finished it. The ridicule that Hester Prynne suffers is unimaginable. But, the feminist value in this book is greater than you might think at first. There is a lot of similarity to be found between the way single mothers were treated in the 1600s and the way they are treated now. I think this book is a crucial read for young women because it shows them how similar American culture was 400 years ago to American culture today.

Obviously this list does not even begin to cover all of the fascinating female literature out there but I hope that it gave all of my fellow young feminists some new reads to check out!

Friday, August 5, 2016

August Playlist: TOTES OVER IT

 Let me tell you, realizing that you are over something or someone is a pretty great feeling. You just notice you don't need to keep your mind on it any longer. It feels like a weight being lifted off of your shoulders.  I had a realization of my own like that last month. Every sign I could have possibly gotten telling me I could let go, I got. It inspired me to put this playlist together! Click the playlist title below to listen on Spotify now. Happy August!


1. Over It Now by Motion City Soundtrack
2. That Is Why by Say Anything
3. Insincerely Yours by Lily Allen
4. Interlude: Moving On by Paramore
5. The Drama You've Been Craving by Sleater-Kinney
6. Sucker by Charli XCX
7. Burn by Hamiltion Original Broadway Cast
8. Win Again by Nicki Minaj
9. Re-Done by Modern Baseball
10. Cocoon by Catfish and the Bottlemen

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Video of the Week: "Hard Out Here" by Lily Allen

The first time I listened to this song, it got me totally hooked on Lily Allen's music. "Hard Out Here" sends a great message to listeners. Her verses are soaked in sarcasm and her reclaiming of the word "bitch" as a tool to further demonstrate her point about the inequality of women even in the present. Lily Allen's song "Hard Out Here" has the perfect amount of smart aleck-y phrasing that carefully tears apart double standards and objectification in the twenty-first century. For a good feminist jam, take a listen below!


Sunday, June 5, 2016

Top 15 Best Tumblr Blogs (Followed by Me!)

I chose to write up this list because when I started using Tumblr a few years ago, I was unsure of where to start and now that I've had my Tumblr for a while, I realized I wanted to add some zest to my feed so as I ventured out to find some new blogs to follow, I figured I'd share some of my favorites with you!

1. beyoncevoters

This blog hasn't been updated in a year according to Tumblr but I followed it regardless because the posts are absolutely hilarious. It's basically just Beyonce lyrics photoshopped onto photos of female political figures.

2. incorrect-hamilton-quotes

If you have an intense love for the actor and writer Lin-Manuel Miranda or a serious obsession with the musical Hamilton, this Tumblr blog is definitely worth the follow.

3. dailypoehler

Dailypoehler features a ton of pictures and gifs of Amy Poehler. I really enjoy Poehler's work as an actor and comedian and the content of this blog is a great quality.

4. sproutcloud

Okay, I completely and totally shamelessly promoting my friend's blog here but her style is adorable and super artsy. Her blog is extremely unique. I really recommend it.

5. humansofnewyork

You've most likely seen these posts around social media sites before but I still suggest you check out humansofnewyork because their concept is amazing and it gives followers the opportunity to learn about little pieces of lives of people they don't know. Make the trip over to this website and check out their Tumblr too!

6. drunken-shakespeare

If you're a super nerdy and spastic theatre kid (like myself) then this blog will definitely make you laugh. They post all kinds of memes and Shakespearean scenes translated into modern language. This blog is totally worthy of your dorky theatre brains.

7. thefrontbuttz

Like I've mentioned before, The Front Bottoms are my favorite band. So, discovering this blog that houses a lot of great quality photos and gifs of the band was like a little present! For fans of The Front Bottoms, this is the blog for you!

8. profeminist

As a lot of people do these days, I access a lot of news through social media. I found this blog incredibly useful in getting word of feminist issues and news. For anyone in need of a good feminist news blog, profeminist is one to watch.

9. rookiemag

I've raved about Rookie magazine on this blog many times and I'm about to do it again. This awesome online publication for teens has a Tumblr where they post links to their articles. Follow this Tumblr blog so you never miss a post from Rookie!

10. qfeminism

This blog provides a lot of posts relating to the LGBTQ+ community and feminism. I recommend this blog to any members of the LGBTQ+ community looking for a good feminist/political blog to follow.

11. theorganisedstudent

My nerdy side is really showing now. This blog is all about studying and staying organized and it has provided a lot of inspiration for me and my organization for school. The photos of different study set ups and class notes has also given me some ideas for this coming school year! Also worth mentioning about this blog, the owner provides links to outlines to plan your week and write down your assignments. Theorganisedstudent is a great blog for anyone looking to improve their organizational skills or motivate themselves to study more.

12. womenofbroadway

As all of you know, I'm a theatre fanatic. I enjoy this blog because it is a celebration of the amazingly talented women on Broadway. It really highlights the women that makes the Great White Way so spectacular.

13. amandla

Amandla Stenberg's Tumblr blog interests me because it's run by her and she personally replies to people's messages and reblogs and posts all of the things on there. If you're looking for a totally awesome, down-to-Earth public figure to follow, hit up Amandla's Tumblr.

14. timebombtown

This blog is one of my favorites because it posts gif sets and photos of teenage bedrooms from movies. Stuff like that provides inspiration for me and helps me develop my "aesthetic" (I'm a true Tumblr user now, right?). I found timebombtown insanely pleasing to the eye and just fun to follow. I suggest giving that link a click!

15. freaksandgeeksthings

One of my all-time favorite tv shows is Freaks and Geeks, which ran for one season from 1999-2000. It was grungy, melodramatic, and downright hilarious. For anyone who has a love for this show like I do, check out freaksandgeeksthings!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Reflecting on my Satisfying/Insanely Draining Sophomore Year

I'm gonna be honest, sophomore year was hard. Like, really, really hard. But as I walked out of school on my last day, I was content with my achievements throughout the year and glad that I had so many new experiences during the school year.

Even though I worked hard all year and definitely kept busy, I have to admit that I struggled with feeling lonely quite a bit. I lost my close connection with a lot of long time friends, part of that is just because we grew apart, (and other reasons that would take way too long to explain.) There were some nights that I told myself to get off of Instagram because I felt too down in the dumps seeing other people hanging out with each other. That technique worked...sort of. The remedy I found most effective though, was theatre. No matter how lonely or left out I felt, that feeling would be eradicated as soon as I stepped into a theater.

I submerged myself in theatrical opportunities this school year. I am a member of The Muse Machine, which gets me discounted tickets to shows in my area as well as gets me out of class four times a year to see an in-school performance. I saw seven plays this year, six musicals, a student-directed, acted, and written one act play festival, and saw two Broadway stars in concert. That's not even including the improv competition I lost (it was an experience to say the least,) the theatre class I took my first semester, and the three plays I participated in through my school's theatre department. As you can tell, I am deeply dedicated to acting and theatre. It was the one thing that lifted me out of my loneliness and can really pull me out of any funky mood I'm in. With the friendships I've created and strengthened through the stage, I've learned more about other people than I would have any other way. I promised myself before my sophomore year began that I would do as many theatre-related activities as I could and I certainly did.

I mentioned earlier that I'm pretty damn satisfied with my success and hard work this year. I managed to maintain a 3.8 grade point average all year (insert "YAS QUEEN" gif from Broad City.) I'm proud of myself. There were a lot, lot, lot, lot of tears over my grades this year and this was the first time I really struggled in a subject. I've spent a lot of time thinking this over, and I have decided that the most important thing I learned sophomore year is this; asking for help never means you have been defeated. 

Something that I didn't tell many people was that I went to a few help sessions for Geometry. I'm not fantastic at math to begin with but I haven't had that much trouble in any subject since fourth grade when I needed help on multiplication. When my mom suggested I go to a tutor at school or a study session, I pretty much had a breakdown. Until this year, I had myself convinced that if I needed help understanding something and didn't figure it out on my own, I was giving in and totally defeated. The more time I spend thinking about this, the more I realize how wrong I was in thinking that.

I'm not sure how many people actually read this and how many people just click the links to my blog posts to up my number of reads so I feel good, but if I can make one person understand this lesson, I will be content. Just because you need extra explanation, or can't figure something out using a five minute YouTube video, does not mean that there's something wrong with you or that you're not worth anything. Getting help when you need it is important.

Sophomore year was much tougher than I expected it to be, but I am so glad that I dealt with all that I did. The applause at the end of the shows I helped bring to life, the amazing new friends I made, and the happy tears after receiving my letter for a 3.8 GPA were just part of the reward from a ridiculously stressful school year. To anyone entering their sophomore year of high school, good luck, stay organized, and bring snacks to school, because if you're not sneaking food in class WTF are you doing?

My Sophomore Year in Music
1. The Weekend by Modern Baseball
2. Non-Stop by Hamilton Original Broadway Cast
3. Do Better by Say Anything
4. We Are The Champions - Remastered 2011 by Queen
5. Run The World (Girls) by Beyonce
6. White Teeth Teens by Lorde


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

My Experience at an Anti-Trump Rally

I went to my very first protest two weeks ago!Republican frontrunner, Donald Trump, made a stop in my home state on March 12th and my dad offered to take me to a demonstration outside the rally. We stood on the side of a road that led to the venue with our signs chanting and arguing with supporters of Trump. There was less violence than protesters at Trump rallies in other states have experienced but still some, and it was surprising at first. An older woman who was standing next to me was grabbed by the shoulders by a Trump supporter walking by us. He yelled in her face, "You better put that sign down! Put it down!" The Trump supporter walked further down our line and shoved a young woman who was part of our group. I think that my dad expected me to be a little more shocked or freaked out at this guy's out-of-nowhere violence but after seeing the footage of extreme and undue violence against protesters in New York City and Ferguson, I knew it could have been much worse. I really enjoyed demonstrating something that I cared about. It was really funny to hear people yell at us despite the fact that we were protesting peacefully. A lot of the supporters that picked fights with us were pretty...fired up, to say the least. Overall it was a pretty awesome experience. I'm so incredibly glad I had the chance to fight for something that is important to me.

The woman on the left was the one that was grabbed.

The protest line from the back. 

Some protesters that were next to my dad.

Me with my sign! 

Me and my dad with our signs! He's so awesome!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

February Playlists: Three "Intense" Playlists About Love

We are rapidly approaching Valentine's Day, a holiday that I used to believe was only for couples. But the older I've gotten, the more I've begun to understand that we don't have to make this holiday all about romantic love and buying your significant other a bunch of cheesy crap from Walgreen's. (Unless you want to do that. Then please, do that.) There are plenty of ways to celebrate Valentine's Day whether or not you have a romantic partner. These three playlists are for celebrating on your own, with your significant other, or with your friends! Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Songs For Dumping Gross People

1. Post Break-Up Sex by The Vaccines
2. Breaking Up by Charli XCX
3. Survivor (Official Video) by Destiny's Child
4. Over Me by TLC
5. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do by Neil Sedaka
6. Smile - Radio Edit by Lily Allen
7. Plenty of Girls In The Sea by MGMT

Looooove Songs

1. Kid In Love - Live by Shawn Mendez
2. 2YL by The Front Bottoms
3. Without Love by Hairspray: Soundtrack To The Motion Picture
4. Love On Top by Beyonce
5. She Looks So Perfect by 5 Seconds of Summer
6. Crazier by Taylor Swift
7. My Love by Modern Baseball
8. She Loves You - Mono/Remastered by The Beatles
9. Who Do You Love? - Bonus Track by Lily Allen
10. Elusive by Lianne La Havas
11. Baby Love by The Supremes
12.You're The One That I Want by Grease New Broadway Cast
13. Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran
14. A Walk Through Hell by Say Anything

The Bestest Best Friend Playlist

1. You're My Best Friend by Queen
2. I'll Be There For You (Theme From Friends) by The Rembrandts
3. We're Going To Be Friends by The White Stripes
4. Friends of Friends by Hospitality
5. Friendship by Anything Goes 1989 London Cast
6. With a Little Help From My Friends - Remastered by The Beatles
7. True Friend - Remix by Hannah Montana
8. Count On Me by Bruno Mars


Sunday, January 17, 2016

January Playlist: Oceans Away

Coping with friends leaving is always a difficult thing. Whether someone is across town, across the state, or across the country, it's hard not to miss someone you love when they leave. So, for anyone who is grappling with a friend, significant other, or family member moving away from you, I've pulled together some songs about distance and being away from loved ones.

Oceans Away

1. Transatlanticism - Death Cab for Cutie
2. Take a Break - Hamilton Original Broadway Cast
3. Home - Modern Baseball
4. Hey There Delilah - Plain White T's
5. Hello - Adele
6. Beside You - 5 Seconds of Summer
7. Honey Pie - The Beatles
8. West Virginia - The Front Bottoms