Tuesday, March 22, 2016

My Experience at an Anti-Trump Rally

I went to my very first protest two weeks ago!Republican frontrunner, Donald Trump, made a stop in my home state on March 12th and my dad offered to take me to a demonstration outside the rally. We stood on the side of a road that led to the venue with our signs chanting and arguing with supporters of Trump. There was less violence than protesters at Trump rallies in other states have experienced but still some, and it was surprising at first. An older woman who was standing next to me was grabbed by the shoulders by a Trump supporter walking by us. He yelled in her face, "You better put that sign down! Put it down!" The Trump supporter walked further down our line and shoved a young woman who was part of our group. I think that my dad expected me to be a little more shocked or freaked out at this guy's out-of-nowhere violence but after seeing the footage of extreme and undue violence against protesters in New York City and Ferguson, I knew it could have been much worse. I really enjoyed demonstrating something that I cared about. It was really funny to hear people yell at us despite the fact that we were protesting peacefully. A lot of the supporters that picked fights with us were pretty...fired up, to say the least. Overall it was a pretty awesome experience. I'm so incredibly glad I had the chance to fight for something that is important to me.

The woman on the left was the one that was grabbed.

The protest line from the back. 

Some protesters that were next to my dad.

Me with my sign! 

Me and my dad with our signs! He's so awesome!