Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Video of the Week: "This is Not a Feminist Song" - Saturday Night Live

With feminism being injected into mainstream media more than ever before, it's fairly easy to take any “girl power" song from the Top 40 and call it a feminist anthem. As a young and very connected feminist, I'm even guilty of buying into this immediate adoption of popular, girl power-y songs without always listening to them critically.

That's why I chose “This is Not a Feminist Song" as my video for this week. This SNL skit, (which has actually existed for a year), comically calls out the lazy writing that goes into some girl power songs. The lyrics satirize the half-hearted “Get up and fight!" anthems in the mainstream. The women of Saturday Night Live (and Ariana Grande), sing in the chorus “This is not a feminist song. We tried real hard but it took too long." They say they've tried to write about everything feminism includes but it was just too much and they gave up.

I think that this satirical criticism of mainstream “feminist" music nails it. I'm not saying that every popular song about feminism is inherently half-assed or a poor attempt at activism. But, I think this skit highlights the way that mainstream feminism is watered down. It creates a dialogue about the commercialization of feminism and how a lot of songs that may not necessarily be feminist, are being considered as such.

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